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Maree Malouf

Her Business: The 9 Pillar Success Hub | 9 Pillar Feng Shui

Maree is a qualified Interior Designer, Certified Global Feng Shui Practitioner and Feng Shui Astrologist, Certified Wholistic Health & Healing Nutrition Coach and Practitioner, Educator, International Presenter & Published Author, to mention but a few of her credentials.
She is focused on helping people be all they have the right to be or become. Her biggest joy in life is empowering people to ignite their Inner Genius and engage with their physical, mental, emotional and environmental health and wellbeing towards taking control of their own success journey through purpose-driven flow.

About her:

Maree is the Co-founder of The 9 Pillar Success Hub & Co-Creator of The Genius Profile

As an international speaker, author and presenter, Maree (in partnership with her partner Jeff Withers) is renowned for her expertise in ‘behavioural / cognitive performance’ within an individual’s relationship with themselves, others and their personal environment. Together they combine their knowledge of Eastern and Western philosophies to help their clients get the outcome they seek.

Their unique ‘whole-istic’ approach brings together the science of Psychology, NLP, Behavioural Change Management, Integrative Therapy, Bio-engineering, Bio-individual Nutritional Health, Flow Management and more from the west and the wisdom of the 5-Element Theory, Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Food Energetics, Longevity Principles, Healing Nutrition, Blue Zone Philosophy and more from the east.

Maree’s aim is simple … to help and support people become self-empowered and able to build and take responsibility for living a healthy and happy lifestyle long into their future.