Terms, Conditions & Notices

Bayside Women in Business Inc. (‘BWIB”) holds public liability insurance to the value of $10,000,000.

On submission of a fully completed and signed application form and confirmation of payment of the application fee, the application will be considered by the Management Committee of the BWIB (‘the Management Committee”) at the next available Management Committee meeting. Successful applications will be notified by the Administrator/Secretary of BWIB. A renewal invoice for the then current membership fee will issue two months prior to your anniversary date, at which time you will have 14 days to pay the fee to continue your membership and directory subscriber listing into a new term. The Management Committee reserves the right to decline member applications. If your application is rejected you have the right to appeal the decision within one month of the notice. Other than your statutory rights as set out by Australian Consumer and Corporate Law, BWIB does not normally offer refunds for memberships. Where an initial application is made and paid online, and is subsequently declined, a refund in that instance will be offered. By submitting your application form, you agree to be bound by these terms. You may resign your membership at any time by offering notice in writing, and no refunds will be issued.

As a member of BWIB you agree to adhere to, emulate and promote the values of the association publicly displayed here (on the website this is a link to ‘About BWIB – Values’, which is an extract of the values from the Model Rules).

As a member you will receive the benefits and inclusions as publicly listed on the BWIB website which may change from time to time at the discretion of the Management Committee.

As a Member of BWIB, you agree to:
1. Act in accordance with the rules of incorporation of BWIB and any decision made by the Management Committee;
2. Make every effort to attend BWIB events and actively participate and contribute in the promotion and sharing of
BWIB articles, event listings, newsletters and social media posts;
3. Conduct and present yourself in a professional, courteous and respectful manner at all BWIB events and when representing BWIB as a member;
4. Respect the reputation of any person providing a referral to you and respond in a ethical, professional and timely manner;
5. Make no public statements concerning BWIB to or for media or promotional purposes without the prior approval of the Committee;
6. Treat all information and materials obtained as a member of BWIB as confidential, which obligation continues when no longer a member;
7. Not to use or disclose information obtained from online directory subscribers, register of members of the association to contact, or send material to, another member of the association for the purpose of advertising for political, religious, charitable or commercial purposes;
8. Not to submit events, posts, or blogs for networking, round table or events that are the same or similar to what BWIB offer or fall on the same days as BWIB events.

Financial members are welcome to attend and eligible to vote on questions, matters and resolutions put forward at the Annual General Meeting, any general meeting or special general meetings called throughout the year. Dates for the Annual General Meeting and any general meetings scheduled will be publicly posted on event listings and notified by email to members.