Social Medial Rules and Etiquette


The group has been created for BWIB to help, share and collaborate and discuss issues related to your businesses in a friendly, positive and supportive environment. This group is for people who are active and committed to empower and encourage each other. We want your contribution – check in regularly and be an active voice in the community. Understand the values of BWIB and post in alignment to those.


Themes, invitations, and days to post will change from time to time. Be guided and follow the outlines and invitations of what to post from BWIB. Just remember in BWIB there is no hard sell and all promotional posts will be deleted unless specifically invited on a set day. Serial offenders will be removed from the group.


Show proper consideration for another person’s experience, background and journey. Everyone is at different stages. Help and offer support where you have experience and do your best to add value by providing worthwhile information and perspective from experience, rather than mere opinion or argument.


Don’t be a “serial liker” to give yourself visibility or pretend you are engaging (yes, we know how you are). Read the content of the post and make a comment – that adds value and builds community (then you will genuinely be liked). If someone replies to your post, say thanks or start a conversation. Social media, like the name suggests, is a social activity and no one likes to be ignored.


Don’t use ethnic references, personal insults or obscenity and show proper consideration for others’ privacy, intellectual property, proprietary information and copyright. Remember your business brand is represented by its people and what you publish will inevitably reflect on that brand.


Don’t share confidential or other proprietary information. If there’s any question in your mind, err on the side of keeping silent.


Do identify yourself by name and, only when relevant, your role, when you discuss your company or matters relating to it or make comments. Write in the first person and avoid using “we”, “us”, “our”. Make it clear you speak for yourself. Take personal responsibility for the content that you publish on any public forum.


Whatever you publish will be public for a long time, possibly for your entire career. Make certain that your online profiles and related content are consistent with how you wish to present yourself to colleagues, clients and prospects.


When you quote somebody, link back to the source if possible. If you share a post or article, give credit to the source. Post a photo/video/article with a link to the site or person you got it from (e.g. via the ‘share’ option on Facebook) and comment on the post for what you got out of it, or how it will be helpful to the group.


Ensure posts are related to business and the values of BWIB. As much as you might love your grandchildren or new dog, some people treat their Facebook as diaries. But please, for the love of god, don’t share EVERYTHING with the group. Some things are meant to be kept private and let’s keep it that way.


There is only once chance to make a first impression and we get new people joining regularly. Nothing undermines your credibility more than grammatical errors, and although nobody’s perfect, everybody can use Google and a spell check.


Last but not least, social media is supposed to be fun. Leave whining, crying and complaining elsewhere and instead meet new people, share interesting stuff, broaden your horizons and enjoy it to the fullest!

Your Disclosures on the BWIB Community Facebook Page, Blogs And Other Social Media:

Use of social media sites is at your own risk. You should be aware that personally identifiable information which you voluntarily include and transmit online on the Service or in a publicly accessible blog, chat room, social media platform or otherwise online, or that you share in an open forum such as an in-person panel or survey, may be viewed and used by others without any restrictions. We are unable to control such uses of your personally identifiable information, and by using the Service or any other online services you assume the risk that the personally identifiable information provided by you may be viewed and used by third parties for any number of purposes. Please also refer our Privacy Policy for further information on Social Media and online platforms.