Introducing the crew

Julianne Davies
Vice President

Julianne 'Julz' is our totally over the top, on top of everything, and top babe of BWIB and current Vice President. A finger in every pie, she is a social media Queen and an integral part of keeping everyone informed about all things BWIB and helping women entrepreneurs grow.

Business:  Julianne Davies


Favourite saying: "Let's do it Babes"


Guilty Pleasure: "Only One:???"


Celebrity Pass: Coming soon


Years in Business: 8+

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Where will you be in 5 years time?

Are you still sitting at the same desk, 
Working for the same company?
Doing the same work? 

This was a question I asked myself and I decided I wanted something more ...
After working in tourism and hospitality loving what I did but really not being in the "drivers seat" of my life, I decided that life was too short not to follow my dreams of having my own business and being in control.

Like many women I was scared of starting my own business, the perceived long hours, high start-up costs & fear of failure almost prevented me from turning my dream into a reality.

Fast forward and I now have my dream life style business after I partnered with a leading direct seller and establishing my own franchise helping people look and feel younger at every age.

Today I teach women how to leverage their time, build a business around their families and earn and upcapped income helping people look and feel younger at every age.

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