Products and Refund Policy

Products and Refund Policy

Bayside Women in Business Inc. (BWIB) offer two items for sale, Memberships and Event Tickets. All prices stated are Australian Dollars and are exclusive of GST as BWIB is not registered for GST. There is no postage involved and no returns, nor warranties are offered for these items. BWIB is a not-for-profit organisation who fund-raises and is backed by very generous sponsors and a team of volunteers that enables these products to be offered at discounts. Depending on resource availability, BWIB reserves the right to alter or remove products or content and the website will publish the details of current offers/products and pricing.

Refund Policy – Memberships:

As disclosed in the Membership Application form, other than your statutory rights as set out by Australian Consumer and Corporate Law, BWIB does not normally offer refunds for memberships. Where an initial application is made and paid online, and is subsequently declined, a refund in that instance will be offered. By submitting your application form, you agree to be bound by these terms. You may resign your membership at any time by offering notice in writing, and no refunds will be issued.

Refund Policy – Events:

As disclosed on Event Tickets, unfortunately, being a not for profit incorporated association, solely supported by volunteers and members contributions, the cost of refunding a ticket significantly outweighs the ticketed price. All proceeds from this event are fed back into BWIB events and services to connect, engage and empower local business. For this reason no refunds are provided, nor can tickets be transferred. We appreciate your understanding.

BWIB Substitution Policy for Presenters/Speakers at Events:

As disclosed on Event Tickets, any presenters /speakers details are correct at the time of publishing. BWIB reserves the right to alter speakers without notice and attendees acknowledge that circumstances outside of BWIB control may impact on the ability for speakers to be available at scheduled events. BWIB regrets any inconvenience this may cause and will endeavour to find alternative speakers, but assumes no liability under these circumstances.