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PO Box 5535, Manly QLD 4179 | | ABN 28 766 492 998


These terms and conditions apply to all directory subscriber entries for the Bayside Women in Business Inc. (‘BWIB’) online directory at accepted by the Management Committee of Bayside Women in Business (‘Management Committee’). The current fee for online directory subscriptions is published on the website and is an annual fee based on a self-subscriber basis (if you follow the directions and upload the details and images required to complete your directory subscription). This fee is subject to amendment if (i) the submitter requires assistance in completing or uploading the details or images, and (ii) subject to change after your one year term has expired. Online directory subscribers acknowledge that the positioning or placing of a directory listing is at the discretion of the Management Committee. A renewal invoice for the then current fee will issue two months prior to your anniversary date, at which time you will have 14 days to pay the fee to continue your subscriber listing. The Management Committee reserves the right to decline directory subscriber submissions where any listing is considered inappropriate, not in alignment with the values or intent of BWIB, or outside the area, BWIB operates in. Other than your statutory rights as set out by Australian Consumer and Corporate Law, BWIB does not normally offer refunds for entries in the online subscriber directory. Where an initial submission is made and paid online, and is subsequently declined, a refund in that instance will be offered. By submitting your application form for the online Subscribers Directory, you agree to be bound by these terms.


BWIB is authorised to collect your personal information under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld) for the purpose of carrying out the Association’s statutory obligations and duties. BWIB intends to use your personal information for these activities, which are not limited to but include, to:

1. provide you with important information about BWIB, its services and matters affecting your membership

2. provide you with promotional material as part of your subscription (and on occasion providing that information to third parties in order to distribute those materials to you).

3. conduct research to identify the ongoing needs of subscribers

4. provide details of businesses to members and the public through website, social media and other forums.

In accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001, BWIB will circulate materials such as notices or subscription renewals to you by electronic communication. By completing this application form your consent to this form of contact is taken to be given. In order to provide subscribers communications and services such as newsletters, weekly updates, event notifications or online benefits, BWIB may use third parties to administer and deliver these on its behalf (e.g., Eventbrite, MailChimp etc). By completing this application, you agree to this transfer. Full details of our privacy policy can be accessed on our BWIB website.