About Bayside Women in Business Inc. (BWIB)


Bayside Women in Business Inc. (BWIB) is a not-for-profit face to face local networking group run by a dedicated group of professional working women that offers membership to professional women and organisations that support and align with the BWIB values.


BWIB assists and supports women in business to start, grow and employ in the Bayside, Redlands Coast and Brisbane Southside.

These networking opportunities help local women expand their social and professional networks, grow their businesses, whilst reaching out to connect with and support the wider business community to positively impact their environments.

We do that by providing networking opportunities, events and education to connect small businesses to each other, to industry led opportunities and to their peers and mentors. Ensuring women in business are supported, encouraged, skilled and acknowledged is a core value of BWIB.

The relationships built through face to face networking leverage goodwill and support and contribute to solid and sustainable businesses and our community's local-term success. After all, this is where we live, work and play, and what contributes to our community’s character and identity. We want to make a positive difference.

From the networking events we have held, we have identified that there is a great opportunity to leverage our activities and address the concerns and needs with education and skills. We also want to connect further with the community through other events and collaborate with the wider community to bring in other peers and entrepreneurs to share their expertise and experience.

Our activities are funded by paid memberships, sponsor contributions and by the donating of invaluable time and resources of the hardworking volunteer committee and other volunteers. The membership base ranges from young women in business starting up business to members with over 30+ years in business.


Thank you to all - by being a BWIB Member, you truly make a difference in the lives of women and contribute to building a strong local community.

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